I was a newbie to yoga but Susana has made the experience so enjoyable I've been continuing to practice for over two years now. I am also not your average yoga student (aging & expanding 41-year old golf fanatic). She tailors classes to our specific needs. For me, it was a tight lower back & lack of flexibility. I now have zero lower back pains and am more flexible than I ever thought I could be. She also explains the roots of many of the poses. She provides a good balance of both strength & flexibility in each class. And perhaps most importantly, she helps keep a healthy perspective with a great sense of humor. I have found that all of these things matter greatly when comparing the overall experiences provided by various instructors. I may have a "dad bod" but it feels better than ever thanks to Susana and her continued commitment to meaningful practices each and every day. Thanks, Susana!


-Isaac Ropp

Susana is a wonderful yoga teacher because she is a warm, funny, and sensitive human. Her breath-centered classes are grounded in both yogic tradition and humor—in poetry and anecdotes sprinkled with humility and compassion. Susana has a deep understanding of anatomy and asana, which brings a healing focus to her sequences. She is a serious life-long student as well as teacher. This translates into loving guidance throughout her classes as she encourages us to allow our own breath and body to be our guide on and off the mat. I love starting my day with her.


Christine Linder

West Linn

For years I have tried yoga on my own, with teachers at gyms/workshops/video instruction. A year and a half ago I found Susana Laborde-Blaj at Imagine Yoga. Susana embodies the essence of yoga with a warm, personal and knowledgeable teaching style. She brings poetry, reverence, humor and individual attention to each class as she shares the lessons of her own practice with us. Today yoga is truly a part of my life. I have improved strength, balance and awareness. I also feel a great deal of gratitude.


-Georgia Cacy

I cannot speak highly enough of Susana. She's the teacher who made me love yoga. Her approach emphasizes the importance of breath as the foundation of all movements, the mobility of the spine and the development of awareness. At every opportunity she reminds us to be gentle with ourselves and to listen to our body. Last but not least, she reads us some poetry to draw us to the deeper teachings of yoga … After a year of practice, I can honestly say that the symptoms of my bulged disk have disappeared as well as the pain I was experiencing in my shoulder. I am so grateful for this amazing teacher.

-Céline Mattersdorff
Lake Oswego

I have been practicing yoga for almost ten years including three with Susana. Her style that really emphasizes breathing with movement is the best. A practice with her usually covers all parts of the body, so that afterwards one feels totally relaxed and at peace.


-Jim Hunter

Susana is the kind of teacher every student would benefit from having -- she's got top-notch skills, but also a warm, effusive, humble heart and an infectious sense of humor that makes every class feel welcoming and fun. I can't recommend her classes highly enough!


-Bonnie Lynch

Me hacen falta palabras para poder expresar mi mas profundo agradecimiento a mi maestra Susana Laborde-Blaj a quien encontre en uno de los momentos mas criticos de mi vida , por su dispocicion, dedicacion y amor en la ensenanza del yoga , su practica honesta ,bondadosa y muy divertida . En las clases con Susana se aprende, se comparte,se goza, se celebra, se da uno cuenta que es momento de darse cuenta.

Susana inspira, Susanaprana...Gracias maestra querida...


-Arianna Robles Anguiano

Every once in a while in our lives, a special person comes along in the form of a friend, colleague, teacher, mentor, or just an acquaintance. Someone to whom you can relate, someone you can trust, you can learn from and you can thoroughly enjoy spending time with. Susana is one of those special people. She is a great yoga teacher but she is much more than that. She is a philosopher, a guide, and a person who will help you to understand the true heart of yoga. Her classes are a mixture of meditation, breathing, poetry, poses, rejuvenation and laughter...... lots of laughter. Once in a while we get lucky and she sings us out of savasana!


If you are reading this page because you are looking for a yoga teacher, do yourself a favor. Regardless of your skill level, check out one of Susana's classes. You will never regret that you did and you may just make a special friend for life.


-Perry Jones


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