Cakra Vakrasana (goose stretch)

Chair adaptation

Intention: Releases tension in upper back, neck & shoulders while reducing stress


Start seated lengthening the spine, looking forward and with hands resting on your thighs


During your gentle inhalation bring your arms to the sides, palms facing up. Move the shoulder blades towards each other and lift the head gently -important to not force range of motion (ROM) opening chest.


On exhalation slide the hands through your legs gently dropping the head down - not forcing- and allowing the back to get a stretch. These photos show different possible range of motion (ROM), it is very important to not force it. notice your own ROM and be OK with it. It might increase overtime.

Breathing instruction:

Make each exhalation gradually (comfortably) longer, until it is twice as long as the inhalation. Remember NEVER FORCE THE BREATH


On inhalation slide the hands up through your legs gently, bringing the torso slowly upright


Repeat 4 to 6 times

Rest for a few breaths

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