Foundation Training class with guest teacher Mark Fujii

Saturday January 20th, 1 pm to 3 pm   


Imagine Yoga Studio

425 2nd Street, Suite 100, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Our “modern lives” have developed habits of poor posture as we sit in front of computers much of the day with our heads protruding forward.   We relax on couches or chairs while slumped down.  When standing, our hips are externally rotated, our shoulders slouch (internally rotated), our heads protrude forward and our torso is compressed.  This leads us to move, breathe and digest less efficiently.  FT teaches a series of 15 powerful postures that lead to more quality movements and creates a strong foundation for health.

FT is a series of exercises designed to bring us back to our natural postures and movement patterns. The exercise teach you to effectively use your body and build it up rather than the constant break down our modern lives create.  These breakdowns include:

  • Internally rotate shoulders.

  • Externally rotate hips.

  • Compressed torso

  • Forward head.                               

- "My back doesn't hurt when I stand up from the sofa, anymore"

- "I sleep better when I take your class"

- "My hip doesn't hurt anymore playing basketball"

Mark stumbled onto Foundation Training (FT) in 2015 while warming up for an Ironman triathlon.  Simple, yet effective movements performed while waiting on the shores of Lake Alta in Whister, B.C. for the race to start, enabled Mark to swim 2.4 miles in a mass of flailing arms and legs, effortlessly.  Mark continued to pursue FT by following Youtube workouts.  Slowly, but steadily, the nagging pain in his right SI joint began to subside.  He also noticed he rose out of bed with less pain in his feet.  Running, swimming, cycling and basketball became more comfortable and enjoyable.


Mark took a gamble and flew to San Francisco in 2016 to attend a FT workshop over a weekend.  He had no idea if there would be 2 others in attendance or 40.  Fortunately, there were 40 in attendance at a nice yoga studio near the Marina.  As the attendees introduced themselves, he realized how powerful Foundation Training had become to many others.  Subsidence of back pain seemed to be common theme.  Some even avoided costly surgeries.


Mark became a FT student instructor later that year and has been teaching a 45 minute class every Thursday at PSU's Recreation Center throughout 2017.  Mark never set out to teach FT.  His desire to spread his good fortune, however, keeps him motivated and brings him great joy.  Here are a few quotes from Mark's students:

- "My knee doesn't hurt anymore when I run"

- "My posture has improved enough that my eyes seem to be further away from the ground than they used to be"

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