Thanking my teachers

I especially thank my teacher, Gary Kraftsow, founder and director of the American Viniyoga Institute (AVI) and Mary Hilliker, my mentor in the AVI Yoga Therapist Training, the AVI Faculty, my first teachers in Mexico City, Federico & Cristina Enriquez, inspiring teachers from Oaxaca, Virginia Filip and Brigitte Longeville, my first teachers in the U.S.A., Sarahjoy Marsh & Liz Eisman, and teachers who taught me unforgettable and life changing workshops such as Sama Fabian, Leslie Kaminoff, Baxter Bell and Mary Paffard.     

I feel so much gratitude for all the students throughout the years, their radiant presence, their being human, their disposition to Be and Breathe. I thank and deeply admire them all.

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