Letter from Susana to the Imagine students:

Dearest Students,


I have been teaching at our lovely, precious Imagine since it was born. As you know, I love the studio and each one of you guys with all my heart! Imagine is a unique and amazing studio with excellent teachers and I am proud to be part of that team.


This makes it hard to tell you that my husband and I will be moving to the Bay Area. My husband received a job offer to work in San Francisco and after a lot of deliberation, we decided that he should accept it. I am so proud of him, love him dearly and want to support him. Fulfilling my long-standing plans, I'll be prioritizing my Yoga Therapy practice while continuing to offer workshops locally and regionally and, of course, retreats internationally. 


I hope you can all come to my last class at Imagine, which will be November 1st. I'm also looking forward to the Yoga for Brain Health Series the next 4 Sundays and, good news...I will be coming back to our amazing Imagine to offer an intensive weekend workshop on chakras in the spring!


You will have the opportunity to learn from other teachers, who have a lot to offer, and I will be available and will love to receive your emails and phone calls. You can always contact me through my website susanaprana.com, I'll be delighted to hear from you.


I love Imagine so much, and each one of you. I am so grateful for every single class I have taught there. I thank Laura & Shannon who realized a dream. I thank Kristina, who continued that dream, for her Love, Wisdom, Grace and Infinite Passion. She is a pretty amazing woman, teacher, and studio owner, as you well know. I believe that Imagine will continue growing and getting stronger under her guidance, and I will be looking forward to visiting from time to time, to teach workshops, share what I have learned, and give you guys huge hugs!



With all my Love and Gratitude,

         - Susana

Letter from Kristina:


Dear Imagine Community,


Our Susana has been with Imagine since it opened its doors back in November of 2012. She attended her first class on November 1st and taught her first class for us on November 2nd. Since then she has taught over 14,000 students within our walls. The first class I ever attended here at Imagine was taught by Susana. I remember a clear feeling of warmth and acceptance.


I cannot express the level of gratitude I feel for the privilege of getting to know and learn from Susana. I imagine that I share that sentiment with all of you. I am so very sad that she is moving. She has been such a fixture in our Imagine culture and community, bringing so much love and knowledge to each and every one of us. While we will all feel her absence, she has taught us some of the most important lessons of the yogic tradition. One being that change is inevitable. It's always when we find ourselves most comfortable that life gives us an opportunity for growth.


Autumn is naturally a season of change. So, it is fitting that we get to embrace some very exciting shifts over the next couple of months. I have included the new schedule below that will take effect over the coming weeks.


BUT FIRST, I want to invite each and every one of you to please join me to celebrate Susana on Friday November 1st, 5:00-7:00pm at the studio. This is the 7-year anniversary of the 1st class ever taught at Imagine, attended by Susana. Come for the whole time or just drop in. We will have food and drink, community and hugs. This is our opportunity to come together and show her just how much she means to us and thank her for all that she has done.  Together will wish her well as she ventures off to explore her own opportunities for growth and assure her that we will be right here for her when she returns. Mark your calendars!


With love,

       - Kristina

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