Practice A: Sequence for Neck & Shoulders, low back & hips

Intention: Releases tension in upper back, neck & shoulders while strengthening & stabilizing low back, and gently stretching hip area


Notice how you feel. Set an intention for your practice. Then bring your awareness to your breath and keeping the abdominal muscles relaxed, allow your navel rise as you inhale and sink as you exhale. Even if we always breath with our lungs, we often call this "belly breath"

Take about six comfortable breaths


Bring arms along the sides of your torso. This is the starting position of the next movement.

As you inhale bring your arms up and then back toward the wall behind you

On exhalation return to the starting position

Repeat this movement linking breath and movement 6 times

Remember to keep inhalations short and gradually lengthen exhalations. Always keep your breath smooth


Grab your right thigh with your clasped hands

On inhalation stretch your leg reaching up with your heel

On exhalation bend your leg bringing the thigh to your chest


"Vajrasana": Begin standing on your knees

As you inhale lift your arms sweeping them to the sides and then bringing them up with palms facing each other

As you exhale bring your hands back to the sacrum, bringing the forehead to a block. contract your abdominal muscles as you do this moving your navel toward the spine

To finish this sequence, the last time that you come upright bring and bring your arms up inhaling

Just stay there and bring your arms down on exhalation

This is the end of this exercise ("Vajrasana")

Repeat the movement 6 times


Exercise to decrease tension in the neck: 

Standing up, bring your hands to your back. Take a few breaths noticing how you feel. This is the starting position

c) As you inhale bring your right up, looking forward

b) As you exhale bring your hand to your back, turning the head to the opposite side of the moving arm (to the left)

a) As you inhale lift your right arm up

d) As you exhale bring your arm to the side as if you were holding a silver platter, turning your head in opposite direction of that arm

Then repeat all to the other side

Do two times the whole exercise on each side, alternating sides



On inhalation lift your arms to the sides and slightly up

On exhalation bring the torso forward and down bending your legs, letting the head drop

On inhalation come to the upright position lifting arms to sides

Then bring your arms down and take a few breaths. Notice how you feel

You can end the sequence now, or continue with Standing Warrior if you have the time and interest

If you want to view the continuation of the sequence click here

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