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After being gifted a membership to Imagine Yoga Studio by my son, it took months before I finally had the nerve to use it.

I was never one to stand on my head, let alone one foot. And the thought of turning my body into a pretzel was incomprehensible.

That was more than five years ago.


Today, I still don’t do headstands. But, slowly and steadily, my health and my outlook on life have vastly improved.


A consistent yoga practice has increased my endurance, strength and flexibility. I have learned to be patient with myself and accepting of my abilities. My new mantra is ‘slow and steady’. It really works.


I am so grateful to have found Imagine, and especially Susana, whose nurturing and supportive teaching style has truly enhanced my life. Life without yoga? I can’t imagine it.


I moved to Lake Oswego almost 10 years ago, when I remarried. I found Imagine Yoga Studio a little over 5 years ago.  Both my marriage and my yoga practice are thriving.  

I have lived a full and textured life led by curiosity of artistic expression as I studied and worked in the theatre, of meaningful relationships as I learned to listen and communicate and of a desire for health, awareness and presence.

Yoga, and particularly my practice guided by Susana at Imagine, has been a catalyst for an awakening in me.  The journey continues.  I am so blessed.

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Yesterday a friend asked me how to do relaxation breathing, knowing I did yoga. I said, ‘well’ I’m not sure I can give you a 1,2 formula. I told her it was a process you achieve with consistent practice and many yoga classes and teachers explaining every so often, you get that “aha” moment you incorporate into your practice. In other words, ‘It takes work to relax’!

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