Susana makes you feel safe, happy, and cared for when you enter the yoga studio.  Her series on Chakras are a lovely mix of illuminating explanations, chanting, physical poses, and meditation.  When you are done you have a deeper understanding and, even better, a more profound connection to the energy that flows within your body. A lovely way to spend the afternoon. 

Laurene Mullen, June 2019

I noticed a shift in my body (after a Heart Cakra Meditation workshop) that evening, during the night and even the following morning.


Where I can at times feel a sense of anxiety particularly in this area of heart I had a new stillness even when thoughts arose. A peace that is encouraging me to explore meditation.

Catherine Tarsia, June 2019

I enjoyed learning about chakras with Susana. She did a wonderful job of creating a safe and welcoming space. I felt peaceful and relaxed after her workshop.

Kal Giaritta, June 2019

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