Prajna Center, Belmont, CA

Saturdays 10:30 am


Mondays 7:30 pm

Integrated Viniyoga

Class Description:

Saturday 10:30 AM

In a Viniyoga practice, the pace of your movement as you come in and out of yoga poses will be determined by the rhythm of your conscious, mindful breath. As we develop our breath capacity, the breath naturally becomes longer, so don’t be surprised when the movement becomes slower!

Alternating between meditative movement and holding poses, this AM practice will aim to energize & nourish your whole system, while bringing clarity to the mind. It will be tailored to whoever is in the room, so may vary in difficulty, and modifications will be offered.

Expect personal attention with emphasis in improving postural alignment and increasing mindfulness and an understanding of your body, mind and soul, refining the relationship with your spine, your nervous system, your mind and emotions, cultivating a sense of wellness and well-being.

Mondays 7:30 PM

Decrease stress and calm the mind integrating conscious breath, mindful movement, mantra, chanting and meditation.

In this Integrated Practice using the Viniyoga approach, you will be guided through a series of gentle movements following the pace of your breath, integrating the use of chant and mantra to the movement. The use of mantra will make this practice very powerful and transformational at every level, helping you to digest the experiences of the day, decrease the chattering of the mind, regulate your nervous system and prepare you for a better night of sleep.

Expect breath centered āsana (movements and postures) with occasionally integrated chant, prānāyāma (breathing exercises), chant, mantra repetition, guided and/or silent meditation, and relaxation.

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