Introduction to Pranayama

Online workshop 

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Discover & Explore the Healing Power of Your Breath Using Tools of the Ancient Tradition of Yoga


More and more, modern scientists acknowledge what our ancestors yogis practiced for hundreds of years, ways to regulate the breath and therefore to influence our mental state, balance emotions & regulate the nervous system.

Expect personal attention, a short presentation with power point including short exercises, questions and answers, exploration, and a practice consisting of asana (movement & postures), pranayama (conscious regulation of breath exercises), and short meditation. Please bring a notebook and pen for journaling.

You will receive a sequence in stick figures with the practices after the workshop.

All welcome!

Please let us know in case you have a medical condition we should know about, including a heart condition and high blood pressure.

“According Stephen Porges, author of the polyvagal theory, when we breathe slowly and expire, we send signals to the brain that adjust the parasympathetic branch of the vagus nerve, which slows the heart rate, promotes a sense of calm, and energizes us. In addition, it moderates the activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which causes the release of stress hormones. “It is a solution without drugs or side effects for stress and mood problems,” propose Patricia Gerbarg and Richard Brown, specialists in internal psychiatry, in The healing power of the breath.” (, April 29, 2021)

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